Quality and reliability
Made in Italy

GMC has over 30 years experience in the design and construction of manual systems and automatic machines for bonding materials.

The company began in 1990 when the founding members, guided by the ideas and creativity of Gino Gessi, and using their experience in the field of mechanics and technology, began to develop and produce bonding systems.

GMC has moved to a new production site in Serravalle Sesia, a city located in the northwest part of Italy.
It is proud to have a team that is motivated by passion, professionalism and innovation, led by Maria Natascia Calà and Claudio Gessi.

The range of use of GMC brand systems is truly vast. It ranges from small accessories and manual dispensers for craftsmanship use, to electronically or computerised controlled automatic or semi-automatic devices for heavy-duty requirements to meet large-scale production.

The craftsmanship approach of its production processes allows GMC to provide a high quality service, assisting the customer both in the appropriate selection of the products and in the installation in machine production.

GMC is always at the cutting edge of innovative product development.
- SST pneumatic distributors, nozzles, accessories for vinyl and PUR glues.
- Automatic machines for gluing windows and shutters.
- Manual glue spreaders with a variety of sizes and uses.
- Customer care and assistance in the creation of customised bonding systems.