GMC produces this semi-automatic system, which allows the simultaneous insertion of glue and peg. The operator uses the appropriate pointer to move the insertion head into the hole, presses the button and in less than 3 seconds the machine proceeds to insert glue and peg.

The fundamental advantage, apart from speed of execution, lies in having the pegs all exactly parallel and all at the same insertion depth, guaranteeing subsequent exact alignment of the parts.
The machine includes a gun with a timer, equipped with a nozzle for peg holes with the appropriate diameter, to dispense glue onto the upright.


It can use pegs up to a maximum of 12 mm in diameter.
Equipped with a "plug length" selector on the control panel that can switch easily from one length to another without the need for mechanical adjustment.
Can be used with or without solenoid valve, for applications with large numbers of components.
The pegs are fed into the machine via a vibrating loader.
The machine is supplied with a self-cleaning system.
Works with a high pressure pump.

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