GMC designs, and produces electro-pneumatic injectors entirely on its own premises for use in a wide range of machinery. Flexibility in their application makes them virtually one of a kind.
With an almost unlimited range of use, this product can be highly customised by GMC based on the specific needs of the customer and the respective areas of application.


Glues - PVAs - PURs - Greases - Silicones


Constructed from brass or Stainless Steel


Pressures up to 100 bar depending on the product.
Injector pressures - from 3 to 5 bar.
Can be used with or without electro-valve, for applications with a large number of components.
There is an additional ferrule which permits the manual adjustment of each individual injector, thus ensuring maximum precision in the quantity of product dispensed.
Stainless Steel head available with a hole from Ø 0.4 to 1.5

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